• MSRP: $69

The Cinturato Gravel M from Pirelli offers an aggressive tread for gravel and cyclocross riders. It’s borne from the Scorpion MTB tire but also combines elements from Pirelli’s Cinturato Velo lineup of tires. Gravel riders, this is your tire for mixed terrain (hence the M designation) where an aggressive tread pattern is needed for grip in a wide variety of conditions.

While it certainly looks big and burly, the Cinturato Gravel M features open side knobs for confident cornering and a tight center tread to lower rolling resistance. That gives you the best of both worlds in most conditions; you’ll be able to roll fast on pavement and hardpack gravel, but still dive in hard to corners when you need to.

They’re tubeless-ready and feature layers of protection against flats. This rubber’s made for any terrain you can find, and for rolling fast right over it. The SpeedGrip compound is a cousin of the SmartGrip compound found on Pirelli’s Scorpion MTB tire. But the SpeedGrip focuses more on improving rolling resistance while maintaining grip. The Cinturato Gravel M tires are also optimized for wider rims, which means you can run lower pressures for improved rolling resistance and grip.

Like other tires in the Cinturato lineup, the Cinturato Gravel M tires feature a bead-to-bead woven layer that helps increase durability and protection against punctures. If your upcoming race is riddled with sharp rocks and trail debris, the Cinturato Gravel M tire from Pirelli is designed specifically to tackle that terrain quickly and confidently.