• Gender Men
  • MSRP $165.00

Ornot has struck a fine balance between understated and colorful with its Bib Shorts 3.0. We like the understated graphics and snug fit, but certain design elements like poorly placed seams can cause discomfort.

First, the good: The bibs are snug, so definitely think race-fit here. As Ornot says on its website, when in doubt, size up. The highly compressible Nylon/Lycra construction keeps the shorts in place and provides a comfortable, wrap-around fit.

The bibs are ideal on very hot summer days; I found them to be exceptionally breathable, and the low-cut front allowed for stomach cooling (not to mention convenience for bathroom breaks). The chamois is covered in an antibacterial fabric, too, which pulls heat and moisture away from the skin, according to Ornot. It was hard to tell whether or not this was actually working, since I rode this primarily on very hot days (90 degrees and hotter), so basically every inch of me was hot and uncomfortable, regardless of clothing choice.

Sounds great so far, but I’ve got two complaints: First, the chamois is quite thin. This is likely a good thing for racers who prefer that barely-there, anti-diaper feel, but I found myself wanting a slightly thicker chamois on longer rides.

Second – and this is the deal breaker – the bib straps tend to bunch up at the shoulders, which cut into my shoulders. There’s also a seam at the top of the bib straps, which didn’t work for me.

Bibs are probably the most personal apparel choice you’ll make. When I’m choosing bibs, it doesn’t matter how compressive and comfortable they are if the straps cut into my shoulders. That may not matter much for you if the fit it comfortable and snug (and these bibs are just that). For my money, put some lay-flat straps on these shorts and Ornot’s got a great pair of bibs on its hands. As it is, they’re good, but with plenty of room for improvement.