• MSRP: $1,200

There’s probably not a cyclist on the planet who wouldn’t be stoked to receive a pair of NormaTec boots as a gift this holiday season. The Pulse 2.0 Compression Boots is a solid choice for the traveling cyclist on your list.

The Leg Recovery System Pulse 2.0 is one of NormaTec’s most popular products and includes the control unit, hosing, power supply, and two leg attachments. The boots are designed to help increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness from training and racing, and help expedite your recovery from one day to the next.

How, exactly? The Pulse boots use dynamic compression, which is essentially a series of pulses that work their way up your legs to increase blood flow, and to move fluids and metabolites out of your legs. You’ll feel a pulse at the bottom of your legs, then it will move its way up your leg as the previous pulse turns to a compressive hold. But the holds aren’t static; they begin to release once they are no longer needed to prevent backflow. You can monitor your recovery on the Bluetooth-enabled app as well.

The real plus with the Pulse 2.0 is it’s so compact and lightweight (the device weighs in at 3.6 lbs), making it easier to travel with so it can accompany you to training camps or races. You can also choose between three sizes based on your height so you get an optimal fit for your recovery needs. And there’s a two-year warranty to make sure your investment is covered for the long haul.