• Gender Men
  • MSRP $380.00

Testers raved about fit of the Course shoes, specifically the heel cup and interchangeable Icefit insoles, which lent a solid, secure feel that was complimentary to the stiff carbon sole. They’re wonderfully light, and feel like slippers.

The carbon sole has titanium inserts, which seem a bit gimmicky. Carbon tends to do a rather good job in this area on its own. But the sole is light and stiff, so who are we to judge?

Ventilation of the upper is good but not fantastic. BOA lp1 closures provide an even pressure against the top of the foot, and the dials are well placed to avoid hot spots.

The microfiber upper is a bit stiff, particularly in the first few rides. Is this bad? Well, if the Course fits your foot well, then no. In fact, one tester found the extra support to be more comfortable when really cranking on the pedals. Most ultra-light shoes have flimsy uppers, these certainly do not. But the stiffer upper leaves less room for fit error, so to speak. It did break in a bit after a week or two.