• MSRP: $30 (front; $25 rear)

It wasn’t that long ago that you needed a bulky battery attached to your helmet or slotted into your water bottle cage to get enough light for riding at night. How far we’ve come. Knog’s Plugs go anywhere, even in your pocket, yet they offer more lumens than those bulky beasts we used to ride in 24-hour races.

The 250-lumen Plug front light has a domed lens that casts a big beam to be sure you can see and be seen. The cutouts also help cast light out to the sides, further enhancing your visibility. It’s a good option if you’re riding on roads at night. You’ll get about 1.2 hours of battery life on the max setting.

Out back, a 10-lumen rear Plug light attaches quickly and easily to your seatpost. You can get two hours of light on the max setting, but there are also other modes like flashing to extend life and increase visibility.

Aside from the size, the Plugs offer versatility too. Just stretch the interchangeable O-rings around any seatpost or handlebar, or even on a helmet. And these diminutive lights are USB-rechargeable. When you get to your destination, just toss these tiny lights in your pocket and walk away.

If you’re into color coordination with your favorite bike, the Plug lights come in four colors: black, red, navy, and white. They’re small, easy to use, and super bright. Knog’s Plug lights offer all the versatility you need to see and be seen on any of your bikes.

Look for a full review on VeloNews in the coming weeks.