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There’s a lot to love about bikes. Storing them neatly in your garage isn’t one of them. Hooks damage your walls (and pricey carbon rims) while more elaborate stands that take up tons of space.

Feedback’s Scorpion stand keeps its mitts off your walls and even breaks down small for storage if you’re not using it. And when you are using it, the Scorpion holds bikes up to 50 pounds with plenty of stability. It even lifts the rear wheel off the ground so you can work on your bike in a pinch. It’s an excellent storage solution that doubles as a last-resort work stand.

Feedback Sports Scorpion

But it only works if your crankset has a hollow spindle. The Scorpion’s “stinger” slots into the bottom bracket spindle to support the bike and that stinger also comes with three different spacers to accommodate different size spindle openings. The spacers prevent the spindle from getting hung up on the stinger when you’re taking the bike off the stand, and also help stabilize the bike when it’s being supported.

The Scorpion is an ideal accessory for storing your bike if you’re not interested in hanging it on the wall. and even if you do have some bikes hanging on the wall, the Scorpion allows you to slot an additional bike in between the hanging ones.

It’s also a great choice if you want to pull your bike into the driveway to spray it down with the hose. If you’re headed to a race and need to make some last-minute drivetrain adjustments, the Scorpion is up to the task. It is portable and light at just four pounds and also a stable platform even on relatively uneven surfaces like grass or dirt. The design allows you to turn the pedals without hitting the Scorpion stand.

Feedback Sports Scorpion Feedback Sports Scorpion

There really aren’t any downsides per se, though the spacer sleeve system isn’t ideal if you swap out bikes frequently. During our testing, we simply found the spacer that accommodated all the different bikes we had and left that one on. That meant there was some sway with certain bikes, but not with others. It really wasn’t problematic, though, and if that sway was bothersome, well, there’s a spacer for that.

Ultimately, for a low-cost investment, you’ve got a great storage solution and a work stand in a pinch. Give it a go if you’ve got a bike hook phobia.

Feedback Sports Scorpion Feedback Sports Scorpion