• Gender Unisex
  • MSRP $130.00

Named for the fast and grassy course at Cross Vegas, the LAS (Las Vegas airport code) tubular is made for dry and smooth conditions. They float over hard-pack or asphalt thanks to the smooth file tread down the center of the tire. The tread gets progressively taller toward the edges for a smooth transition onto the side knobs so you won’t get that jerk or bump as you lean the bike over through corners.

The LAS uses the same side knob design as Clement’s more aggressive PDX or MXP ‘cross tire, which provides traction through loose turns or off-camber sections. But this extra grip is only useful when you can lean the bike over enough to make contact with the knobs. If you hit loose-over-hardpack sections on a straightaway, the tires easily spin out and can feel sketchy on wide-radius turns.

While the LAS tread is not meant for racing on wet and muddy courses, these tubulars are manufactured to withstand harsh conditions. The sidewalls are coated with rubber to protect against water and dirt, while the tread is integrated into the tire so it can’t peel away from the casing. Clement uses a tubeless construction in which the entire casing is airtight, to help protect against punctures. But if you do get a puncture, the tubeless construction means you can simply unscrew the removable valve core and squeeze in some liquid sealant to repair small cuts and holes.