• MSRP: $90

Cold digits just won’t do. The Spettacolo ROS gloves from Castelli keep your fingers warm by battling your primary winter foes: wind, water, and your own body’s sweat.

The Spettacolo gloves are bound by a water-repellent fabric as a first line of defense against the elements. That same material is windproof to protect you from col winter air when you’re bombing down your favorite descent. And they are insulated with Primaloft Gold for added warmth. Castelli claims the Spettacolo gloves are breathable too, so you can maintain comfort even when the temperatures climb or your body heat rises.

The liner inside the Spettacolo gloves is super soft too for added comfort. It also helps you slide the gloves on and off a bit more easily. Speaking of easy, the Spettacolos feature a zipper on the back of the glove to expand the wrist cuff, thereby making it far easier to take these gloves off, even with sweaty hands. The zipper also slims up the gloves for a sleek fit and feel.

Silicone grip on the palms keep your hands planted in any conditions. And there’s a touchscreen-compatible insert at the tip of the forefinger so you can still swipe through your phone’s screens or operate your GPS computer with a touchscreen. That’s a nice final touch for a well-rounded glove that battles the elements without too much bulk.

While we have a few rides in these gloves already and early impressions are good, look forward to a full review of the Spettacolo ROS gloves from Castelli coming soon on VeloNews as winter progresses and we get the opportunity to battle consistent cold temperatures with the Spettacolo gloves.