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100% S2 Sunglasses

Dan Cavallari /
  • RATING 9/10
  • PRICE $175.00
  • WEIGHT 31 grams
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com

Peter Sagan has an innate ability to make just about anything look cool. (Man bun, anyone?) I have a similar talent: I have an innate ability to make everything look cringeworthy. It’s a gift.

The S2 sunglasses seem to be the antidote to my inherent lack of cool. They even look great on me. And with plenty of lens coverage and a solid, comfortable fit, the S2 glasses perform well in all conditions too. If you’re after a sleek and stylish pair of sunglasses that set you apart from your riding buddies, this is it. (Avoid the man bun, though.)

The highlight of the S2 glasses is the wide, shield-like lens that offers plenty of peripheral vision. It’s coated with Hydroilo, which 100% says will repel oil and water. In this sense, the S2s didn’t perform any better or worse than other coated lenses we’ve tried. It seems the coating goes on the outside of the lens, not the inside, which means you still get sweat streaks. It’s odd that more companies don’t address this.

That aside, the Hiper lenses offer the right amount of contrast for recognizing road obstacles, especially in changing light conditions. Swapping out the lenses takes no time at all, though you’ll probably end up with a fair amount of finger smudges in the process.

The bottom of the lens features a texture that’s meant to visually mimic a full-frame look without the full-frame weight. It’s a good look for sure, though there doesn’t seem to be much of a function to that texture beyond aesthetics.

The frames hug the sides of your head quite comfortably. And the grippy temple tips help plant the glasses in place. We took these mountain biking and they stayed put even in chunky rock gardens and the occasional faceplant.

The nose piece is made from the same grippy material and also helps keep the glasses in place. More adjustability here would certainly be nice, but we didn’t have any problems with fit, so it’s hard to complain too much.

Ultimately, the S2 sunglasses feel like 100%’s best offering and we don’t hesitate to reach for these just about every ride. You’ll certainly stand out on the ride, which is good. You’ll also stand out post-ride, which may or may not be good, depending on your fashion sense.