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DNA Ladies Navy Bibs

Kristen Legan /
  • RATING 8.6/10
  • PRICE $140.00
  • SIZE Medium

Navy blue is the new black. DNA’s Navy bib shorts offer a race-worthy fit with a classic look – but slightly different than boring old black – for everyday riding. The medium-weight chamois provides just enough padding in the places you want with minimal structure where you don’t.

Wide, stitch-free straps stretch gently over the torso for a secure and comfortable fit. The straps connect to a supportive back panel that helps alleviate pressure on the shoulders. We often forgot about the straps thanks to this “barely there” feel.

Each leg has a 6-centimeter wide elastic compression bad to hold the shorts in place. They grip the legs without pulling or squeezing uncomfortably. We liked the length of the legs, short enough to look feminine but without approaching the short-shorts territory.

The Lycra isn’t the softest we’ve tested. But it wasn’t noticeable once we were on the bike and riding. And for $140 they’re a great value for riders who want a performance bib at a budget price.

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