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Clement Ushuaia Gravel Wheels

Kristen Legan /
  • RATING 7.7/10
  • PRICE $650.00
  • WEIGHT 1620 grams
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com

Spoke count: 28 (both)
Rim type: Tubeless-ready clincher
Rim width: 23mm internal; 26mm external
Rim depth: 25mm
Moment of inertia: 4.99 (f); 4.99 (r)
Deflection: 5.16mm (f); 5.16mm (r)

Clement’s Ushuaia wheels are durable workhorses that are easy on the wallet. They’ve withstood our testing on rowdy gravel adventures and singletrack excursions while providing a smooth ride on the pavement.

The 28 double-butted spokes and top-hat style nipples are at the heart of the Ushuaia’s rough and rowdy personality. We rode off small ledges, skidded around fast gravel corners, and braked hard on steep descents without a single issue from these tough aluminum wheels. They stood up to our abuse and came out looking and riding just like new.

They’re compatible with all axle types, including standard quick release, 12-millimeter front, 15-millimeter front, and 142×12-millimeter rear. They also set up tubeless with ease. With a floor pump and a touch of sealant, our Clement MSO 36mm tubeless tires popped right into place with just a few pumps.

The wheels scored moderately well in our rotational inertia test with 4.99×105 g-cm2 for the front and 4.99×105 g-cm2 in the rear. This means there isn’t much lag time or energy wasted when accelerating or stopping quickly. The rear hub’s 36-point engagement also added to the impressive acceleration.

The Ushuaia’s hookless rims don’t masquerade as featherweights, especially for being as shallow as they are, so if weight savings is a consideration, look elsewhere. But for $650, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal for a set of durable hoops ready and willing to take a beating.

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