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Stage 4 Photo Gallery: Verdun Memorial, and less serious matters

The pursuit of the Yellow is the hot topic of the month, but today's stage rolled past reminders of bigger matters and sadder times. On the approach to Verdun, there were numerous memorials and thousands of crosses in honor of the hundreds of thousands soldiers who died in this region of northern France in World War 1. The first photo on this page is of a memorial along today's route, and contains the remains of 150,000 unknown soldiers killed in the Battle of Verdun in WWI.

Kovarik KO’d by INS

First Steve Peat went down with a shoulder injury. Now Chris Kovarik is out with … visa problems. Word out of the Intense camp is that the American INS boys up in Vancouver wouldn’t let the young Aussie downhiller back into the States after he’d finished up competing at the World Cup race at Grouse Mountain because he had the wrong kind of visa. "He’s got a five-year visitation visa, but what he needs is a work visa or an athlete’s visa," said Intense owner Jeff Steber, Kovarik’s primary sponsor. "We’ve got all the right paper work going now, but at minimum it’s going to take two

Stage 4 Diary: Tyler Tunes — It doesn’t get much more difficult than today

The television coverage of today's 210km stage from Huy to Verdun probably didn't do justice to the level of racing going on. It doesn't get much more difficult than a day like we had. Any way you slice it, working at the front all day at full speed is a hard day at the office. An attack went at the 15 kilometer mark that included Vinokourov from Telekom so we made a point of chasing it down. If we let him get some time on the field he would have become one more rider we'd be forced to keep track of. And we don't want to have to worry about him when the roads start slanting up. When the

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