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Putting it all together

On a bright, sunny New Mexico day in early May, David Cathcart stood on the side of the road at the Tour of the Gila criterium. As he watched his riders, split between the chase group and the main field, Cathcart barked orders into his hand-held radio. The Canadian team director switched back and forth fluidly between French and English each time his riders climbed the stiff hill on the back side of the Silver City course. Of course, the language skills come as no surprise, considering the makeup of his Intersports team. Based in Canada, Intersports is home to its fair share of

Peat down and out in British Columbia

Right about now Steve Peat may be wondering if he really wants the UCI’s No. 1 downhill ranking. For the second time in his career Peat has been taken down by injury following an ascent to the No. 1 spot. This time Peat separated his shoulder during a practice run at Grouse Mountain on Thursday. The resort is 20 minutes outside Vancouver, British Columbia, and is the site of his weekend’s World Cup stop. According to fellow GT downhiller Katja Repo, Peat’s hand came off his bars heading into one of the course’s wooded sections, and he was tossed off his bike and into a tree. The injury will