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Introducing the VeloNews Pass, your gateway to exclusive cycling content

You told us what you want, and we listened: We have a new membership program that fits your needs.

We launched our Active Pass membership program this past June, and while we have heard great things from many folks, a number of you have reached out with a simple request. You want to be able to read VeloNews magazine and all of the exclusive membership stories on VeloNews.com, however, you do not want the other perks included in the package.

Your request: Give me VeloNews content.

Guess what? We have got you covered.

Last week we launched the VeloNews Pass, a membership program that gives you the content you desire. The membership costs $49 for the year, and it gives you unfettered access to all of the content on VeloNews.com in an advertisement-free format, as well as a print subscription for one year of VeloNews magazine and exclusive pro deals from brands like Giordana, Skratch Labs, and others.

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