Ashleigh Moolman Pasio on jumping — and staying — on the Zwift bandwagon

The South African will race in the first ever UCI eSports world champs on Zwift next week, but she's already committed to the platform for the long run.

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What I learned about bib shorts in 2020

I tested a lot of bib shorts in 2020. Like, way more than was reasonable. And through all that testing, I learned quite a few lessons about bib shorts — what makes a good pair, what makes a bad pair, what features I love, what features are extraneous, and much more.

All of that testing helped me determined what bib shorts were the best in 2020, and I’ll share that with you in a moment. But more importantly, I learned that choosing the right bib shorts isn’t just about fit and feel; very often, the best bib shorts are the ones that work for you, at the right price.


Tech Podcast: What makes a good chamois? POC Essential Road VPDS bib shorts review Café du Cycliste Marinette bib shorts review Must-have bib shorts features I’m very particular about bib straps. That’s the one element of any pair of bib shorts I focus on with the most scrutiny, second only perhaps to the chamois. As such, I know exactly what I like in a bib strap and exactly what to avoid. For my money, I wouldn’t buy any pair of bib shorts that lack laser-cut or lay-flat straps.

Betsy Welch and I tested a lot of bib shorts in 2020. We know a thing or two about tight clothes. Photo: Brad Kaminski That’s because anything else with stitching and seams has a tendency to bunch up and cause rubbing over my shoulders. Lay-flat straps do exactly that: lay flat, comfortably, without much pressure on your shoulders. So if a pair of bib shorts has anything but seamless lay-flat straps, I’m already dubious.

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