Argon 18 Dark Matter
Pro triathlete Heather Jackson was at Old Man Winter with her Argon 18 Dark Matter gravel bike. Photo: Fred Dreier
Argon 18 Dark Matter
Jackson’s Argon 18 has a Profile Design ATTK IC storage system mounted to the top tube. Photo: Fred Dreier
IRC Boken
Jackson opted for a lighter tread and ran IRC’s Boken tubeless tires for the snow. Photo: Fred Dreier
Fat Bike
Rider Steve Parcell had the most optimum setup for the conditions. Parcell had a Borealis Crestone with a Lauf Carbonara front fork. Photo: Fred Dreier
Parcell used a Ranger frame bag from Revelate Designs. Photo: Fred Dreier
Revelate Designs
Parcell also had his set of Expedition Pogies made by Revelate Designs to keep his hands warm. Photo: Fred Dreier
aero bars
We don’t recommend riding in the aerobars on a snowy day. This Old Man Winter rig seemed to have it all. Photo: Fred Dreier
No gravel adventure would be complete without an extra CO2 cartridge or two. Photo: Fred Dreier
gravel in the snow
This rider’s Salsa was equipped for snow, with 45mm tires, fenders, and front and rear gear bags. Photo: Fred Dreier
Revelate Gas Tank
The Gas Tank bag by Revelate Designs gave this rider ample storage near his cockpit. Photo: Fred Dreier
Fenders are a must in sloppy weather, but Old Man Winter may have overwhelmed such gear this year. Photo: Fred Dreier
Lauf Fork
Fat tires and front suspension were all the rage at Old Man Winter, with the innovative forks made by Lauf in abundance. Photo: Fred Dreier
Snowy wheels
Higher spoke count wheels mean more ice accumulation. Photo: Fred Dreier
Santa Cruz Stigmata
This mustard colored Santa Cruz Stigmata stood out against the snowdrifts. Photo: Fred Dreier
Oveja Negra
Oveja Negra’s 1/2 Pack frame bag comes in a neon orange color that was perfect for the day’s limited visibility. Photo: Fred Dreier
Even WTB’s 44-millimeter Byway tubeless tires seemed too skinny for the day’s snowfall. Photo: Fred Dreier