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Before there were gravel bikes, there were awesome drop-bar mountain bikes. Photo: Fred Dreier
No used bike swap would be complete without a set of Spinergy Rev-X wheels. Photo: Fred Dreier
This antique bike from the 1940’s was the talk of the 2017 VeloSwap. Photo: Fred Dreier
Lance Armstrong looked extra nasty on this old jersey from the 2014 VeloSwap. Photo: Fred Dreier
Mad shocks
Suspension stems are totally coming back, thanks to the plethora of new bikes built for cobbles and gravel. See, Softride was just ahead of its time. Photo credit: Fred Dreier
This 1980’s Stumpjumper is in mint condition. Photo: Fred Dreier
A first-generation dual-suspension carbon-fiber mountain bike from 1994. Photo: Fred Dreier
The Softride revolution continues every year at VeloSwap. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
This Veloswapper was a firm believer in sell stem therapy. Photo: Fred Dreier
There are bikes you didn’t even know existed everywhere you look. Photo: Fred Dreier
For the derailleur connoisseur, a table of the good stuff. Photo: Fred Dreier
DayGlo is making a comeback, and the real thing is always available at VeloSwap. Photo: Fred Dreier
Banana seat, front wheel, and sick lines. Photo: Fred Dreier
This rig is still World Cup worthy. Photo: Fred Dreier
That’s a bargain price for Lance’s shoes. Photo: Fred Dreier
There’s always a penny farthing to bid for. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
Thousands of bicycles were up for sale at this year’s VeloSwap, ranging from old cruiser bikes to new bikes. Photo: Fred Dreier
For the bike art fan, plenty of bike art from local artists. Photo: Fred Dreier
IMG_0967 (1)
We assume this pentagram tall bike is custom built. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
Veloswap is famous for its mountains of socks. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
A jersey that will never go out of style, and for just five bucks! Photo: Fred Dreier
Prices are definitely negotiable. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
Disc brakes and gear clusters galore. Photo credit: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
Custom headset caps were everywhere at this year’s Veloswap… this one was truly customized. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
This innovative road tricycle had its gear cluster tucked between the two rear wheels. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
A classic Seinfeld reference. No, the tricycle did not come with a chewed up pencil. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
A favorite of 90s mountain bike racing, this 3D hardtail was a staple of the NORBA circuit. Photo: Fred Dreier
VeloSwap 2018
Need pedals? Photo: Fred Dreier
Subaru VeloSwap 2016-9643
VeloSwap Denver attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees annually. Photo courtesy VeloSwap
If you can dream up the design, chances are someone has already put it on a jersey. Photo: Fred Dreier
For the wine drinker on the go, a bike built to your needs. Photo: Fred Dreier