Donnelly e-GC
Donnelly has added to its gravel bike lineup with an electronic gravel bike called the e-GC. It features a Fazua motor with an integrated battery, both of which slot cleanly into the down tube. If you want to ride the bike without the motor, just pop it out and put in the dummy tube to save weight. There’s no electronic resistance once you remove the motor. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Donnelly e-GC
The Fazua motor slots into the downtube. From far away, it’s hard to tell this is an e-bike at all. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Trust The Message
It was hard not to stop and gawk at Trust’s The Message linkage fork. It looks big and bulky, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It’s the brain child of Dave Weagle, and it re-thinks the way your front suspension moves. Rather than telescoping like a typical suspension fork, The Message uses a series of linkages to maintain solid handling while soaking up energy from hits. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Hutchinson Griffus
Hutchinson showed off its new Griffus enduro tire at Sea Otter. Like all high-end Hutchinson tires, this is made in its French facility, just south of Paris, strictly from raw materials. The Griffus is available in 27.5- and 29-inch models. It has a triple-compound tread and weighs in a little under 1,000 grams per tire. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Old School Marin
While this paint scheme may look a little dated, just imagine it on some modern carbon. You’d buy it, right? Photo: Dan Cavallari |
e*Thirteen Druid
The Druid certainly presents an interesting take on a single pivot suspension design. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge IHS
The Integrated Handlebar System, or IHS, is intended to work with 2-bolt mounts on integrated handlebars. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge IHS
The new mount from K-Edge is adjustable to accommodate various shapes and angles of integrated handlebar systems. It will be available June 1st, and will cost $50. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Poc Omne Air Spin
For $160, you can get into a Poc helmet for less cash than the high-end offerings. The Omne takes commuter styling and integrates Poc’s spin pad system that helps address rotational forces in the first milliseconds of an impact. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Moots Routt YBB
The newest addition to Moots’s Ti lineup, the Routt YBB fits up to a 45mm rear tire and is available as a full custom option or in stock sizes. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Moots Routt YBB
The YBB micro-suspension design was born in the 1990s on Moots’s mountain bikes. The limited suspension movement adds heaps of comfort to the rear end of the bike without the weight and complication of a larger suspension system. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Pirelli Scorpion tires
Pirelli has hit the dirt with its Scorpion tire lineup. You choose your tire based on the conditions in which you’ll be riding: hardpack, mixed terrain, or soft terrain. There’s a rear-specific option too so you can tailor your ride quality. They’re available in 27.5-inch and 29-inch options. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Saris SuperCamp EX
The SuperCamp EX can accommodate 2 bikes, or you can replace one of the bike trays with a cargo rack and haul other large gear. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Abbey Bike Tools Wheel Dish Gauge
This one’s not ready to hit the market yet, but you can sign up on the website to reserve yours. And it’s a beauty, like all of Abbey’s tools. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Abbey Bike Tools Chain Tool
Abbey launched its chain tool last year, and of course since then a new chain has cropped up. Fortunately, you can replace the pin and the plate on the tool to accommodate SRAM’s Flattop chain. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
CBD treats
Odessa’s CBD Recovery Bars capitalize on the CBD craze, but it’s intended for your pet. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Rebecca Rusch
Rebecca Rusch gets ready to lead a group ride out of the Sea Otter expo area and onto the surrounding trails. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Park Tool
Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Prologo CPC Gloves
Prologo took its CPC grippers from its saddle line and added it to the CPC Gloves. The tacky material offers supreme grip while maintaining a low profile in your palms. They cost $59. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Prologo limited edition
Prologo offers some new limited edition colors. Purple-to-Pink is the new black. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Canyon Grail AL
It may not have the biplane handlebars, but the Grail AL takes advantage of similar geometry (The stack height is slightly higher) to its carbon sibling. It’s available in two build options: A Shimano 105 kit for $1,799 and a SRAM Rival 1X build kit for $1,899. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Practice your wheelies
In the middle of a hectic show, it’s refreshing to see stoke and smiles. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Mystery Marin
This carbon beauty was kicking around the Marin booth. It’s not ready for prime time, but this carbon gravel rig looks promising. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Marin steel e-bike
Another prototype kicking around the Marin booth has a motor and a steel frame. What do you think? Adventuremobile, or too heavy for fun? Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Sea Otter 2019
Photo: Dan Cavallari |