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First Look: Quarq TireWiz

Quarq's TyreWiz is the first-of-its-kind tire pressure sensor for any cycling discipline.

Editor’s note: Quarq is sponsoring our coverage of Land Run 100, Wild Horse Gravel, Dirty Kanza 200, and SBT GRVL in 2019. We will be checking our tire pressure with Quarq’s TireWiz before all of our gravel adventures this season. 

Sometimes finding the right tire pressure feels like black magic, especially when you’re faced with a range of conditions at a gravel race. As we head into our 2019 gravel season, we’ll have Quarq’s high-tech TireWiz pressure gauge to make sure we’re pumped up.

TireWiz is a small electronic sensor that mounts to your valve stem. Using Quarq’s smartphone app, you set up each individual TireWiz to your desired pressure range. Your front tire can be lower PSI than your rear, for instance. You can set a general range or dial it in to within a tenth of a PSI.

If you’re heading out for a quick ride, you can simply wake up the TireWiz sensors by spinning your wheels. A simple LED light tells you if you’re below pressure (slow red blink), at pressure (green), or above pressure (fast red blink).

You can also pull out your smartphone, connect via Bluetooth and tell right away what your exact tire pressure is using the TireWiz app.

Quarq’s TireWiz also can provide tire pressure suggestions via the app. Since the valve sensors monitor PSI in real time, it can use that data to give you pressure alerts or personalized recommendations for your tire pressure.