PowerTap P2 pedals get lighter, longer life

Photo: PowerTap

PowerTap’s P1 pedals offered convenient, dual-sided power measurement for those who swap bikes frequently. The newest iteration, the P2 pedals, slim down the originals by shaving 34 grams, which means the P2 pedals weigh less than 400 grams. PowerTap says it has improved battery life by 33 percent too, which means you get up to 80 hours of ride time. The pedals officially hit the pavement in Kona this week, and they will be on store shelves in the near future for $900.

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You can get a custom Giro Aether, if you’re lucky on Tuesdays

Photo: Giro

Starting on Tuesday, October 16th at midnight PST, you could be one of the lucky 25 customers to get a custom Giro Aether. Giro shared news of its Tuesday 25 program, which allows you to choose all the colors on your Aether, right down to the straps and fit system. But only 25 customers will be able to fork over the $400 to actually receive the one-off beauty. The helmet will arrive in custom packaging 4-6 weeks after your order. Fire up your keyboard and warm up a cup of coffee so you can pull the trigger at midnight on Tuesday.

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Zipp goes custom too, any day of the week

Photo: Zipp

Zipp is turning 30 years old, and to celebrate, the company is giving you the option to get some pretty colorful wheels. The Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc wheel isn’t likely to appeal to most riders beyond the velodrome or TT course, but if that’s up your alley, you’ll now be able to get this carbon beauty in Zipp’s historical color palette inspired by the first wheels back in 1988. Choose from white, yellow, blue, or magenta, and make it personally yours with an ImPress direct-print technology inspirational message, or just your name.

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Enve’s got a disc wheel too!

Photo: Enve

Enve’s SES Disc features one-piece molded construction, which eliminates bonding except at the hub shell. It’s tubeless compatible, weighs 1,225 grams, and will cost a cool $2,700. There’s a rim version and a disc version as well. The construction method, according to Enve, strengthens the wheel while making it lighter at the same time. Enve says this wheel will be the fastest at speeds over 27mph. It comes with a 5-year warranty as well.

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Met is also excited about Kona, launches TT helmet

Photo: Met

Noticing a theme? It’s all about triathlon and time trial gear this week, and Met has its own big release with the Codatronca. The name means “truncated tail” in Italian, and as you’d imagine, that’s its primary feature. Met says this helps maintain aerodynamics in multiple head positions and from various yaw angles. Met also says the wide body helps guide air over the rider’s shoulders, addressing areas of turbulence and drag. The shield features magnets that allow you to stow it when not in use, and it’s available in both white and black.

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