Easily the coolest paint job at Interbike, this...

Interbike Gallery: Day 1

Images from the opening day of Interbike
Look 795 Blade
Have we mentioned anything about aero bikes lately? it seems 2018 is the year of aero, and Look’s in the game with a new wind slicer. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Wonder Woman
Easily the coolest paint job at Interbike, this Wonder Woman-themed bike honors one rad lady. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Wonder Woman
Would you ride it? Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Wonder Woman
Basically the entire movie plays out on the frame. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Felt woodie?
Another killer paint job on this Felt. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge junction box mount
K-Edge has a new solution for mounting your Di2 junction box, minus the rubber band. The mount integrates neatly with your headset spacers. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge Lezyne mount
K-Edge also showed off its brand new Lezyne computer mount. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge Lezyne mount
The Lezyne mount was a collaboration between the two companies, and it maintains Lezyne’s unique push and turn security system. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
K-Edge Enve mount
And finally, K-Edge released its Enve stem-integrated computer mount. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
EVT derailleur hanger alignment gauge
This was perhaps the coolest tool we saw at Interbike. EVT tools makes this derailleur hanger alignment gauge and sells it to bike shops for $500. You can also order it direct from the EVT website.Photo: Dan Cavallari |
EVT alignment gauge
The shaft features a channel in which a ball bearing slots to secure the head in place. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Chill passenger
Don’t slobber on the saddle. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Brooks, now in rubber
The Brooks Cambium C13 All-Season saddle features rubber to battle the elements. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Donnelly bikes
Donnelly’s long-awaited cross bikes are here. They’re available for sale now, and Donnelly showed off one of its sleek rigs in its Interbike booth. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
No Way!
Hans “No Way” Rey was on hand, but he wasn’t doing cool flips or drops off anything when we ran into him. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Um. Wut.
This is not a bike. It is a watercraft of some sort. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Retro style
Coolest bike at Interbike? Despite its looks, this is actually a modern bike with a long wheelbase and tall head tube, intended to create stability and a fun ride. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Let it go
If VeloNews tech editor Dan Cavallari brings one of these home for his three-year-old daughter, will he automatically become dad of the year? Cast your vote now. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Shaft drive
This DKY Retro R capitalizes on classic lines and leather to create a cool town bike. But what really makes it cool… Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Shaft Drive
…is its shaft drive system. It’s certainly not the first bike with a shaft drive, but this throwback bike certainly is a looker. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Ridley Noah Fast
Yep, another aero bike. Andre Greipel rode the Ridley Noah Fast at this year’s Tour de France, and the Belgian brand was on hand to show it off in its disc version. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Merckx rebranded
Eddy Merckx bikes has relaunched its brand with a new wordmark and logo, and a much smaller line of bikes. The relaunch will focus on higher-end models, culminating with Ultegra Di2 builds to keep costs reasonable. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
HydraPak Velocity
A closed cell foam pad insert that lines the HydraPak Velocity bladder keeps fluids 38% cooler than the outside temperature, according to HydraPak. It will be available in March. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Smith Trace
Smith’s Koroyd-lined helmet offerings have expanded with the airy Trace. It’s available in MIPS only and will be hitting store shelves in March. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Smith Ignite
Smith has also developed a new aero road helmet called the Ignite. This helmet will also be available in MIPS only. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Smith Ignite
The Ignite touches upon many of the design aesthetics we’ve seen in helmets like Specialized’s Evade and Giro’s Vanquish. It’s all about speed, not really much about venting. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Stages Dash
We saw the updates to Stage’s Dash platform at Eurobike. Now the units are polished and ready for customers. It combines the advanced data collection that the Dash has become known for with more user-friendly features like turn by turn directions. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Stages for Campy
Stages also pulled the curtain back on its newest power meter, which is compatible with Campagnolo’s new 12-speed drivetrain. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Allite Super Magnesium
The Dayton, Ohio-based company Allite claims its Super Magnesium frame material is 33% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than titanium, and 75% lighter than steel. On top of that, the company says it has 20 times the shock absorption capabilities of aluminum, making it a truly unique ride. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Allite Super Magnesium
The company says the material has only been used in aerospace applications until now. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Maghalie Rochette
Canadian cyclocrosser Maghalie Rochette was on hand to talk about her fund for young riders, CX Fever. Donating to the cause helps up-and-coming cyclocross riders develop and participate in the sport. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Show fuel
Clif Bar’s booth is a frequent stop on most patrons’ route around the Interbike show floor. Clif showed off some new flavors as well as its fruit smoothie filled offerings. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Wahoo/Pioneer collaboration
Wahoo and Pioneer have teamed up to bring pedaling analytics to your Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt head unit. The firmware update is backwards compatible, and it’s free, so if you’ve already got a Wahoo head unit, you’ll just need to download the free update. The new collaboration offers users with a detailed analysis of pedaling forces, including left and right foot monitoring, force vector readouts that were previously only available on Pioneer head units, and post-ride analysis of your data on the “Cyclo-Sphere,” a cloud-based platform. The update will be available in October. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Motorized, and fat
This was a common theme at Interbike: motorized fat bikes. This one takes a unique turn with its size and foldability. So if your commute takes you on the train and then onto some wild, frozen terrain, this one’s for you. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
New toolboxes
Park Tool has developed a few more options for mechanics. This large box features an extendable handle and wheels, much like a rolling suitcase. This one’s for the mechanic who doesn’t want to leave anything at home. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
New toolboxes
For the more selective mechanic who still needs space but doesn’t need to bring the kitchen sink, Park redesigned its classic tool case to include swing-out panels and other organizational layout features. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Tiny tool
Park also showed off its new line of multitools. The aim was to make affordable tools that are still plenty durable, and offer just the bits you need and nothing you don’t. This MTC-10, for example, is ideal for roadies who just need the basics for quick adjustments roadside. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Reno, skyward
The Interbike show moved to Reno this year, leaving Vegas behind for the less glitzy town outside of Tahoe. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
The Haywire Heart
Lennard Zinn, co-author of “The Haywire Heart,” was on hand at the VeloPress booth to sign copies of his book. The line stretched far down the convention center’s hallway, populated by fans who had stories to share about their own frightening heart issues. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Merlin Bikes
Merlin’s been absent from the bike game for quite a while, but the company’s back at it with a few titanium models made in Boulder, Colorado. This one’s called the Newsboy. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Merlin Newsboy
If you want a Newsboy, you’ll have to act quickly, because Merlin is only making eight of these limited edition beauties. The frame costs $5,000. Photo: Dan Cavallari |
Merlin Newsboy
Each Newsboy features a handmade head badge created by Jeweler Jen Green. And each bike will be individually numbered. Photo: Dan Cavallari |