Editor’s note: Mavic is sponsoring our coverage of the 2018 Crusher in the Tushar. Managing editor Chris Case rode Mavic’s Allroad Pro UST Disc wheels and Yksion Allroad XL tires during the race on July 14.

Mavic has been designing wheel-tire systems for the road and mountain bike for years. Now, it has taken this philosophy to its Allroad line of gravel and adventure wheels. The French company’s top-of-the-line Allroad Pro UST Disc wheel offers a 22-millimeter wide rim profile (inner width), providing more volume for tires ranging from 28 to 45 millimeters. The rim features ISM4D machining, Mavic’s way of reducing the material between the spokes and providing a lighter rim while maintaining durability.

The wheel is built with aluminum Zicral alloy spokes, fore drilled into the rim itself for a solid connection and easier tubeless compatibility — it creates a hollow chamber and negates the use of rim strips on these UST wheels. In the rear, the ID360 freewheel provides fast engagement, low friction, and all the needed axle compatibility, as does the front hub, which is convertible from 12-millimeter thru-axle to QR or 15-millimeter thru-axle.

The Yksion Allroad XL 40-millimeter tire expands the Allroad range, which already comprises 30 and 35-millimeter widths. The XL tire is more robust and the tread pattern is substantially more grooved than on the other models. While the 30- and 35-millimeter versions look like oversized road tires with siping on their shoulders, the XL is a fully fledged off-road tire, designed for rougher, rockier terrain. It has a smooth-center, V-shaped pattern for ample rolling efficiency on hardpack and pavement, and deep grooves on the edges for better water evacuation and extra grip, particularly in wet conditions. The pair is designed to be directionally mounted.

Prior to riding these wheels and tires at the Crusher, I attended the Allroad launch in the Pyrenees-Orientales region of France. The wheel-tire combination proved to be stellar in both settings.

From ripping down descents where on other days you might be tempted to ride your mountain bike, to sustained paved climbs, to greasy, rocky singletrack, the tire was more than capable. Diving into water-saturated, muddy hairpins, the bike’s front end never wandered. The same could be said of high-speed tarmac sweepers. While spray wasn’t eliminated completely, the water was channeled over and down the front tire’s crown so you avoided drinking spray and muck. The tire felt confident, robust, and capable across the entire range of terrains and conditions I threw at it. Likewise, the wheels proved durable and capable after two days of hard riding — no tweaks necessary. Engagement was immediate. Acceleration, even with the weight of the big tires, was surprisingly good. In total, this was a stellar combination for the type of highly variable riding I encountered in both France and Utah.

Mavic Allroad Pro UST Disc wheel features

  • Super-wide (22mm internal) UST rims and integrated tubeless tires reduce rolling resistance
  • UST Road Tubeless lets you run lower tire pressure for comfort and control on rough roads
  • System comes with Yksion Allroad UST tires, choose either 30mm or 40mm
  • Superlight ISM 4D rims
  • Light and strong Zicral spokes
  • Tough and light Instant Drive 360 freewheel system
  • 20 spokes front and 24 rear for optimized brake torque distribution
  • Front hub convertible from 12mm to 15mm thru-axle or quick release
  • Rear hub convertible from 12×142 thru-axle to quick release
  • Center Lock disc-brake compatible, and also XD Road with an optional driver body
The rear hub of the Allroad Pro Disc wheel. Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Wil Matthews

Mavic Yksion Allroad XL tire features

  • Tubeless-ready construction
  • Efficient tread pattern for low rolling resistance and high grip
  • 40mm wide for higher air volume
  • Kevlar beads
  • Easy installation guaranteed with Mavic’s UST wheel system
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com
Mavic’s Allroad Pro UST Disc wheel and Yksion Allroad XL tires. Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com