Christel Ferrier Bruneau won again Sunday at Supercross Cup, while Curtis White prevailed in the men's race in Suffern, New York.

After prevailing in the rain Saturday, Christel Ferrier Bruneau won again Sunday at Supercross Cup, while Curtis White prevailed in the men’s race in Suffern, New York.

“I’m very happy with this weekend, to win the two races,” said Ferrier Bruneau (SAS-Macogep). “It was really a slippery course, very hard physically. It was really hard to climb, not easy. There were nice hills and I had fun. It was good training for next weekend, the World Cup in Germany.”

Cassandra Maximenko (VanDessel-Atom Composite Wheels) finished second again behind Ferrier Bruneau as windy conditions began to dry out the course. U23 Canadian National Champion Ruby West ( finished third.

“My goal today was kind of the same as yesterday, get a good start,” said Maximenko. “I got a good start, and after about five pedal strokes my left foot pulled out of the pedal. So I saved it and slotted third or fourth wheel. I was just yo-yoing for a little bit because my bike wasn’t shifting. So I went through that (first) lap deciding, is it not shifting enough to pit or is it rideable? I was trying to maintain the gap with it mis-shifting. It was hard. The wind made it really challenging.”

Curtis White
Curtis White won Sunday’s race at Supercross Cup in New York. Photo: Marco Quezada

In the men’s race, White ( dueled with Saturday’s winner Kerry Werner (Kona). Unlike Ferrier Bruneau, however, Werner had to settle for second place as White relentlessly attacked the rutted course.

“It was a very tactical race for maybe the first four laps or so,” said White. “It was a very windy day, so that definitely influenced the tactics. None of us really wanted to take over the work.

“Maybe with four laps to go I started hitting it in the front a little. We were all taking turns in the front, but it seemed like I couldn’t get rid of Kerry [Werner] with one move. It had to be a series of moves, and maybe a lap or two of really putting on the pressure. I think that is what happened. I don’t know where I got the gap exactly on him, but it was just two bike lengths, four, six, eight, and built up from there. And then I had to just keep applying the pressure after that.”

With about four laps to go, White’s efforts began to pay dividends. “I just hung on as long as I could, which is good because then we dropped Cooper [Willsey],” said Werner. “But it was just about survival out there. The winds were relentless. I’m happy with second.”

Willsey ( ended up third. “Curtis was on another level today, and he just gave it to us,” said the 20-year-old. “I was just trying to keep the pedals turning. We had four to go, I felt like it should have been the last lap. My legs hurt, my back blew up, so I was just trying to keep the pedals going.”

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