Carla Williams wins her first UCI race of the season. Kerry Werner doubles up with his second win of the weekend at DCCX.

Midatlantic local Carla Williams (Joe’s Bike Shop) won her first UCI race of the season Sunday at DCCX, and Kerry Werner (Kona) swept the weekend with his second win in as many days.

Williams avoided an early crash on the second lap of the fast, dusty track at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C.

“It worked out well for me because I didn’t get caught in the crash and I was able to get around it,” said Williams, who is primarily an endurance mountain bike racer. “I think Arley [Kemmerer] got a little caught up but was able to get around fairly quickly. That’s how we got into the lead of the race.”

Kemmerer, who won Saturday’s DCCX race, bridged up to Williams a lap later. However, the Fearless Femme rider was stymied by mechanical issues.

“I either had a slow leak or I lost air from the heat. My back tire was super low, it was just losing air as the race went on. I thought I could finish with that but it was bad, I was dinging the rim on everything,” said Kemmerer.

Her pit bike also had a mechanical issue, which gave Williams the advantage she needed to win the day. Cassandra Maximenko (Van Dessel-Atom) finished third behidn Kemmerer.

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Kerry Werner used DCCX’s sand to escape the lead group in day two. Photo: Bruce Buckley Photo

Werner also had difficulties with his bike on Sunday, but he was able to battle back to win ahead of Squid’s Anthony Clark.

“I flatted, maybe 45 seconds to one minute after the pit,” Werner said. “It could have been a worst time but by the time I got back around to the pit, they had just passed me and I got into the pit so I latched back onto the back of the chase group, and sat in, re-grouped. I could sit back there and watch the guys cracking where they were weak.”

After his mechanical on the fourth lap, Werner attacked with two laps to go.

“Nobody was riding the little u-turns in the sandy section,” he said. “All the other guys in the front group were running it and I knew that their legs wouldn’t feel quite as snappy after that, so they’d run that and then have to run the barriers. I felt this lull and there was a good bit of pedaling after that so I figured I’d capitalize on that section of the course.”

USA Cycling’s ProCX calendar continues October 28 and 39 at the Highland Park Cyclocross in Jamesburg, New Jersey, and the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival. The Cincinnati race is the third of four weekends in the Sho-Air US Cup-CX series.

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