Eight people killed on New York City bike path when a driver turned a truck onto the West Side path in lower Manhattan.

ABC News reports that eight people were killed Tuesday in New York City when a driver turned a truck onto the West Side pedestrian and bike path in lower Manhattan.

According to the New York Police Department’s official Twitter account, the driver entered the path a few blocks north of Chambers Street. NYPD said the driver went south, hitting “multiple” people. Police intercepted the driver, shot him, and then took him into custody.

In a press conference, Police Commissioner James P. O’Neil confirmed that the driver was a 29-year-old male who threatened the police with two handguns, which turned out to imitation firearms.

Fire Department Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro added that 11 people were injured and taken to a hospital.

In the conference, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that this was a “lone wolf” terrorist attack.

“We go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever,” Cuomo said adding that he will step up security in New York. “Be New Yorkers. Live your life. Don’t let them, the terrorists, change you.”

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