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VeloNews magazine — September 2017

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As the cycling season wanes, it seems appropriate to dedicate the September issue of VeloNews magazine to endurance. In this edition, we focus on cyclists who had every reason to quit but decided to stay the course and tough it out.

We lead off by interviewing Amanda Coker. Perhaps the name isn’t familiar. That could be because this 24-year-old has been spending all her waking hours in the saddle, riding to break the world record for highest annual mileage. She also just broke the 100,000-mile record, riding that distance in just 423 days.

While Coker flies under the radar, Jens Voigt is a household name. Three years after retiring, Voigt is busier than ever. He’s not alone, as a number of former pros try to win at retirement.

Veering off the pavement for a moment, Chris Case tells the story of Rebecca Rusch’s 1,200-mile tour along the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. In 2015, the “Queen of Pain” set out in search of the site where her father’s plane crashed during the Vietnam War. She documented the journey in the new film, “Blood Road.”

Kristen Legan tells the story of another formidable female athlete later in the magazine. World champion Amber Neben overcame adversity and injury, using her faith, inner fire, and timeless talent to become one of the most decorated female cyclists of our time.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a VeloNews magazine without our usual installations of Service Course, where we test endurance road bikes (no surprise there!), Off the Front, where Andrew Hood evaluates the inevitability of Chris Froome’s reign, and Diagnosis, which digs into pre-race hydration.

All that and much more in the September issue of VeloNews, now on newsstands.

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