After 4,233 miles of riding, Mike Hall turned off...

Top endurance cyclist Mike Hall dies in Australia; IPWR cancelled

Legendary endurance cyclist Mike Hall dies after being hit by car in Australia during Indian-Pacific Wheel Race.

The Guardian reported Friday, along with numerous other sources, that one of the world’s preeminent endurance cyclists, Mike Hall, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, died Friday morning after being hit by a car in Australia’s Indian-Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR).

Organizers of the 5,500-kilometer race from Freemantle to Sydney elected to cancel the remainder of the inaugural race, which started March 18.

Hall, 35, won the Tour Divide race, which runs the length of the Rocky Mountains from North to South in 2013 and 2016. He also won the first edition of the Trans Am Bike Race, the breadth of the United States, from West to East in 2014.

The Brit, who was living in Australia, also organized the Transcontinental race, which runs about 3,800 kilometers across Europe. That event will run from Geraardsbergen, Belgium to Meteora, Greece this summer for its fifth edition.

Friends have set up a fundraising page to help support Hall’s family >>