You just got hit by a car. Who do you call? What do you do?

USA Cycling and Bike Law, a network of independent bicycle attorneys in the U.S., want to make procuring legal help a bit easier. The two organizations have announced a partnership that will provide all USA Cycling members with a variety of legal benefits through Bike Law’s network, including a free consultation, reduced legal fees, and priority consideration for pro bono legal representation.

“This partnership aims to provide leadership on cycling legal issues,” said Bike Law founder Peter Wilborn. “USA Cycling is uniquely positioned to be a strong voice and advocate for the sport of cycling, and Bike Law will give the organization, members and clubs the legal tools and know-how to do so.”

The goal is to help cyclists in the immediate aftermath of an incident, primarily by guaranteeing any USA Cycling member a priority consultation within 24 hours of the incident at no charge, as well as to provide education. Bike Law is also offering USAC clubs access to its legal experts for speaking engagements, free of charge.

Bike Law is not a legal firm, but a national network of independent lawyers who are also cyclists. It currently has representatives in 22 states and Canada.

“This is a double-win for USA Cycling members,” said USAC CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall. “Bike Law’s national network provides a place for our members to turn in the event they require cycling-related legal assistance, and our community can now better drive cycling advocacy efforts with a partner who is uniquely knowledgeable and passionate about cyclists’ rights and cycling safety.”