Tech in Motion: Hearing voices, weightless stoppers, and foot Vaypors

Dan Cavallari / Updated

In this episode of Tech in Motion, I get over a bit of sticker shock to test out Cane Creek’s new eeBrakes, some feathery stoppers that offer pretty impressive power and modulation.

But enough about stopping. How about going? Oakley’s Radar Pace smart glasses provide in-ear coaching in lieu of a head’s up data display. With a simple and smart companion app, and voice-activated functions, these glasses might be your new training solution.

My in-ear coach didn’t know about my secret weapon: Bont’s Vaypor S shoes, which offer a generous toe box, Boa closures, and perhaps the stiffest outsole I’ve ever tested.

Watch the video to see initial impressions of each product, but be sure to click the links below to get the full reviews.

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