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Lance Armstrong’s doping ban expires — sort of

Lance Armstrong has reached a milestone in his doping ban — now that he's four years in, USADA rules allow him to race non-cycling events.

USA Today reported Thursday that Lance Armstrong’s doping ban has been partially lifted. Wait … What?

According to U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Code, the man who was stripped of seven Tour de France titles is now permitted to compete in sports other than cycling, from which he is banned for life. Here’s the letter of the law:

Article 10.10.1 of the 2009 Code (which was in effect from 2009-2014):

An Athlete or other Person subject to a period of Ineligibility longer than four (4) years may, after completing four (4) years of the period of Ineligibility, participate in local sport events in a sport other than the sport in which the Athlete or other Person committed the anti-doping rule violation, but only so long as the local sport event is not at a level that could otherwise qualify such Athlete or other Person directly or indirectly to compete in (or accumulate points toward) a national championship or International Event.

Naturally, Armstrong can — and has — competed in some events that aren’t under the purview of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). But now, the Texan can race all the triathlons and marathons he pleases, which he couldn’t do for the last four years. Watch out, masters racers!