Did you see Peter Sagan’s recent “Rocky” training montage video? Well it turns out that was just a prelude to a full-blown movie mashup video, which the world champion just posted online. Here are the three best moments, in case you don’t feel like sitting through the full four-minute video, which turns out to be an ad for Sunroot, a European nutrition company.

Don’t be fooled. The video starts out with the same rugged training montage you saw in the “Rocky” video, but it soon segues into the “Gladiator” tribute.

Fortunately, Sagan spared his adversary’s life. Or at least they didn’t show that part. Because it was on to the “Pulp Fiction” dance scene!

Sagan is a man amongst boys when it comes to racing bikes. Similarly, he seems way better than his peers at cutting up the rug.

And after an unintentionally “Wayne’s World”-esque sponsor plug for Sunroot, the video closes on a touching kiss with his wife. Our Spidey senses are tingling — seems like Sagan thinks he’s a superhero. That’s not too far from the truth, based on his three stage wins so far at the Tour this year.