Reviewed: Fuji Transonic 2.1

Caley Fretz /
Photo: Fuji

Lab data: 18/20 (.86mm head tube deflection; .25mm BB deflection)
Build: 10.5/15
Value: 12.8/15
Handling: 11.7/15
Pedaling response: 12.2/15
Aesthetics: 3.2/5

Overall: 80.4/100

This thoroughly underrated brand has produced perhaps one of the best deals in the aero category with the Transonic 2.1. It puts up screaming wind tunnel scores yet remains more comfortable than other aero road bikes, even those that are far more expensive.

It does all this while delivering pedaling and handling stiffness that racers demand. “It just works,” one tester wrote. He’s absolutely right.

Front-end stiffness is excellent, and steering geometry is spot on, neither twitchy nor slow. A trail figure on the high side for a race bike (57.8mm) makes the Fuji more of a road racer than a crit rat, but an incredibly tight wheelbase (986mm!) will get you around any corner at any speed. Frankly, we just love how this bike handles.

The relatively heavy Oval components do hold this bike back. They’re just not very nice. But for $3,500, what do you expect? You’re getting a world-class frame with electronic shifting for the price of an Enve wheelset.

The good news is that Fuji didn’t skimp on key components, like the brakes and drivetrain. The cockpit, seatpost, saddle, and wheels are uninspiring. But throw on a pair of race wheels and this bike will feel almost exactly like something twice the price.

For a road racer on a budget, look no further. The Transonic is stiff, handles like a dream, and is surprisingly comfortable. It’s also half the price of bikes that are just as good.

Price: $3,570
Component highlights: Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain with 52/36 crankset and 11-28 cassette, Shimano Ultegra brakes, Oval 733 wheels
Weight: 16.80 pounds (size 56cm)

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