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Lauf’s new gravel and ‘cross bike suspension...

Sea Otter: New Lauf fork, Lezyne tools, and dropper posts

We spy a radical new suspension fork for gravel bikes, some new dropper post options from Bontrager and FSA, and a host of Lezyne tools.
Sea Otter: Lauf's new Grit suspension fork
Lauf’s suspension forks certainly look a bit strange but the new Grit model, made for ‘cross and gravel riding was a big hit at the show. The suspension in this fork comes from fiberglass plates that flex as the road gets bumpy. Without seals and oil, it should mean less maintenance than conventional suspension forks. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lauf's fiberglass suspension fork
Lauf’s new gravel and ‘cross bike suspension fork, named the Grit, provides approximately 30mm of suspension. It has clearance for 42-44mm tires The Grit has double the stiffness of Lauf’s XC MTB fork. The Grit will be available in August for $790. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Milkit's tubeless one-way valve
Setting up, replacing, or adding sealant to your tubeless tire setup just got easier with Milkit’s one-way air valves. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Milkit's sealant replacement system
Milkit’s one-way valve keeps air in your tires even when the valve core is removed. This allows you to add or remove sealant with the included syringe and tubing without making a mess all of over your floor. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: The full Milkit system
The Milkit system comes with two valves, tubing, and a valve core remover tool all neatly tucked away into the kit’s syringe. This makes for easy storage when not in use as well. The kit is available now for $50 through Milkit’s website. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Milkit's valve core tool
The valve cool core tool was thoughtfully designed and wraps fully around the valve so it won’t slip when twisting. A notch in the top of the tool keeps both pieces aligned and makes for a secure fit on the valve. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Bontrager's Drop Line dropper post
Bontrager’s new dropper post hit the scene at Sea Otter last week. The Drop Line dropper has an air-sprung hydraulic locking cartridge so it has infinite adjustability within the dropping range. It offers internal routing options and has a cable-actuated lever. The dropper is available in 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm sizes. They’ll be available for $300 starting June 1. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lezyne's Overdrive floor pump
Tubeless technology is sneaking into all kinds of gear, equipment, and tools this year. Lezyne’s Tubeless Overdrive floor pump makes seating and inflating tubeless tires possible without an air compressor. With the chamber lever engaged, simply pump the Overdrive to your preferred pressure and then release the compressed air through your tire valve for quick inflation and seating. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lezyne's Overdrive tubeless floor pump
The pump has a sturdy aluminum chamber and everything can be rebuilt from top to bottom thanks to Lezyne’s replaceable parts. We’re told that this pump can inflate tires up to 220psi. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lezyne's digital gauge
The digital gauge pump will retail for $149 while the analog pump will be priced at $119. Both pumps will be available in June or July. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: FSA's new dropper post
FSA unveiled its new dropper post that has a removable cartridge so you can easily maintain or replace it. These will be available in early summer and will cost $299. The post comes in either a 100mm or 125mm options. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Topeak's Nano TorqBox
Topeak’s Nano TorqBox includes a 4nm, 5nm, or 6nm torque socket that works by sliding over a 5mm Allen wrench so you can make precise adjustments out on the road. The box comes with the socket as well as five bits including T-25, T20, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm Allen bits. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Topeak's Nano TorqBar
On the road torque adjustments are easier than ever with Topeak’s Nano TorqBar pocket tool. The slim bar works with three preset TorqBits — 4Nm, 5Nm, and 6Nm — and includes a box of five tool bits for different adjustments. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Fabric's CO2 lever kit
Fabric’s CO2 lever kit keeps your tools neatly packed away so you can access everything quickly when changing a flat. The CO2 inflator head can be screwed closed after use and keeps the remaining CO2 securely held inside for up to six months. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Fabric's Chamber tool
The Chamber multitool was one of our favorite items in the annual VeloNews gift guide last Decemeber. The Chamber tucks away its tool bits within the small canister for a tidy look with this easy-to-pocket system. The tool is now available in two models, a ratchet system that retails for $60 and a non-ratchet system for $50. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lezyne's Classic 8mm and 6mm pedal wrench
Lezyne adds to its Classic line of shop tools with this Classic 8mm or 6mm wrench. The wooden handle is durable and easy to grip and it just looks cool. Available for $15. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: Lezyne's Rap multitool with CO2 head
Replacing the Rap LED multi-tool, which has an integrated LED light that slips over the 5mm Allen key, Lezyne introduced a new Rap multi-tool that includes a built-in CO2 head storage on the tool. The days of digging through your saddlebag to find that little piece tucked away at the back are long gone. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: VeloFix mobile mechanics
With more and more bike manufactures selling directly to consumers, VeloFix is working its way into the system as a middleman that will assemble these bikes — with certified mechanics so no warranties are void — and then deliver the complete bike to consumers. Photo: Kristen Legan
Sea Otter: VeloFix mobile bike shops
A departure from the traditional bike shop model, VeloFix is a mobile fleet of mechanics across the country and in Canada that will come to your home or office to perform bike repairs and adjustments. Schedule online and they’ll show up at your door ready to work on bikes around your schedule. Photo: Kristen Legan