These new women’s bibs are the best we’ve seen from Pactimo with plush Italian-manufactured materials that incorporate Coldblack technology that helps push water and heat away from the body. The light and breathable material also protects against UV rays so you won’t have to worry about sunburns through your kit on sunny summer rides.

The Ascent Vector bibs have thick mesh straps that distribute pressure evenly across the shoulders and prevent the bibs from sliding around when pushing hard in and out of the saddle.

Choose between 7.5-centimeter and 4.5-centimeter leg bands for a personalized fit that suits your style and preference. The longer leg band option was a perfect fit for our 5’11” tester but if you’re on the smaller size, the 4.5-centimeter option might be the way to go.

What we like best about these bibs is the superbly comfortable chamois with antimicrobial and hypoallergenic technologies. The same company that produces the Ascent Vector’s CyTech chamois also makes the chamois for several luxury bib shorts like Rapha and Assos. Using different density padding throughout the chamois opens up channels for air to flow through for increased ventilation so you’ll stay dry and comfortable on the hottest of rides.