Former professional cyclist Phil Zajicek is in the hospital in serious condition after a collision with a flat-bed truck, which occurred near the base of Boulder, Colorado’s Flagstaff mountain and resulted in a severed arm and other injuries.

It appears that Zajicek was riding with a group of six to eight cyclists around lunchtime on Tuesday when the crash occurred. He was descending Flagstaff, coming around a high-speed, right-hand bend near the base of the climb.

His arm was severed completely. His other injuries are not yet known. He is currently in serious condition at Boulder Community Hospital.

“He’s in the OR now, they’re working on him, fixing a femur and other things,” friend Steve Remmert told VeloNews. “He was able to answer questions before he arrived.”

Zajicek’s family has been notified of the incident.

Zajicek last rode for Fly-V Australia in 2010. He was handed a lifetime ban by USADA in 2011.