The World Cycling League, a new franchise track racing league, announced a 42-rider roster for its preview event, to be held March 18-19 outside Los Angeles.

Six city-based teams of seven riders, four men and three women, will compete at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, California in events designed to put the spectacle back into track racing.

The launch event will use a format called TeamTrak, which pits teams against each other on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and again Saturday evening. Riders score points in each of the 12 events per session, and team standings will be posted on the arena scoreboard in real time. WCL will use onboard cameras and transponders to download real-time data from riders, including cadence, power, and heart rate.

The rosters include Olympian Giddeon Massie (Colorado Cyclones) and Tyler Nothstein (Pennsylvania Lightning), the son of American track cycling legend Marty Nothstein.

The WCL concept is similar to Europe’s popular six-day races, intended to be as much a show as a sporting event, and harkens back to the early 20th century heyday of American track, when races at Madison Square Garden in New York made track racing the most popular sport in the U.S.

WCL rosters:

California Wave:
Andreas Mueller
Zane Torre
Missy Erickson
Zach Kovalcik
Nate Koch
Korina Huizar
Alissa Maglaty

Colorado Cyclones:
Giddeon Massie
Dana Feiss
Justin Williams
Kate Wilson
Patrick Jones
Christina Birch
Dean Hass

Connecticut Nor’Easters:
Matthew Rotherham
Anissa Cobb
Patrick Kos
Tela Crane
Matt Gittings
Sera Ferrara
Luke Momper

Dublin Thunder:
Eamonn Byrne
Con Collis
Fintan Ryan
Eoin Morton
Eimear Moran
Lydia Gurley
Susie Mitchel

Pennsylvania Lightning:
Kwesi Browne
Stephen Hall
Michael Chauner
Tyler Nothstein
Anita Yvonne Stenberg
Colleen Gulick
Charline Joiner

Mexico Heat:
Guy East
Daniela Gaxiola
Roberto Serrano
Antonieta Gaxiola
Ignacio Sarabio
Teresa Casas
Ignacio Prado