Molly Cameron was told by USA Cycling officials...

Transgender athlete barred from men’s race at ’cross nationals

Molly Cameron was born a male, identifies as a woman, and holds a female driver's license, but races in the men's field at events.

Molly Cameron checked the “Female” box on her driver’s license some 20 years ago. Her USA Cycling racing license says the same. But as a transgender athlete it has suddenly proved difficult to race cyclocross nationals with men, as she has always done.

USA Cycling’s rules state that competitors must race in the gender category stated on his or her driver’s license at nationals. But USAC ignored the rule for years. Cameron placed second in the men’s 30-39 category at cross nationals in 2013, and 44th of 113 in the elite race in 2010.

This year, she has been unable to register for the 40+ men’s race at nationals, reports Bike Portland.

When Cameron first started racing, she was sent out of women’s categories and into men’s. As she proved herself on the national stage — against men — it became increasingly clear which category offers her the best competition.

Now she’s barred from racing in the category she’s competed in for most of her career, and the one she’s lined up with through the entire 2015 season.

USA Cycling acknowledged the situation Thursday, but has not yet provided a solution. “We understand that this is a complicated issue and the application of our existing gender rules in this case may not be what was intended,” the governing body said in a statement. “We seek to be fair to all transgender athletes, including Molly, and will immediately look into this case to see if we can find a just solution.”

Olympic rules require that athletes compete with their born sex unless they undergo sex reassignment surgery. USA Cycling’s driver’s license designation conflicts with this USOC rule.

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