Thomas Dekker fell just short of a new world hour...

Dekker falls short of hour record, riding 52.221 kilometers

Riding in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Thomas Dekker was unable to best the world hour record, currently held by Rohan Dennis

Thomas Dekker came up short of the hour record on Wednesday in Mexico, riding 52.221 kilometers, based on initial timing data.

Dekker went to Mexico with hopes of reviving his professional career by riding into the record books with a new world hour record. After a career that was interrupted by a two-year doping suspension, he raced for Garmin for four years before his contract was not renewed for 2015.

A little over two weeks prior, in Switzerland, Rohan Dennis (BMC Racing) had set a new mark at 52.491 kilometers.

Hoping to take advantage of high altitude and warm, 87.8-degree Farenheit temperatures, Dekker set out to ride the 60-minute test on the 250-meter track in Aguascalientes. His Koga track bike was equipped with a massive 58×14-tooth gear.

From the start, the organizers were unable to provide regular splits, leading to confusion throughout the attempt.

For the first two-thirds of the race, Dekker appeared to be on pace to challenge Dennis’ record. However, his inexperience on the track showed as he struggled to stay on the black line, and his lap times fell in closing third of the effort. In the end, he came up a mere 270 meters shy of the record.