Former road world champion Claude Criquielion, of Belgium, suffered a “serious stroke” Sunday night, according to organizers of the Grand Prix Criquielion.

Criquielion, 58, was admitted to the hospital in Aalst, Belgium.

A world championship victory in Barcelona in 1984 was the highlight of Criquielion’s career, which stretched across 60 victories from 1979 to 1991.

He was close to another world championship in 1988, but clashed within sight of the finish line with Canada’s Steve Bauer, causing the Belgian to crash. Criquielion later sued Bauer for assault, demanding $1.5 million. Bauer won the suit.

He also won La Flèche Wallonne twice, first in 1985 while wearing the rainbow stripes, and again in 1989, and the Ronde Van Vlaanderen in 1987, among other notable victories.

Criquielion raced to five top-10 finishes in the Tour de France, peaking with fifth in 1986.