The UCI announced Wednesday that it will host a Women’s Teams Seminar in conjunction with the Strade Bianche race to be held March 7.

UCI Women’s Commission president Tracey Gaudry said it was fitting that the UCI organize its first UCI Women’s Teams Seminar to coincide with the inaugural women’s Strade Bianche. The seminar, to which all 38 UCI women’s teams will be invited, will be held March 8 in Siena, Italy.

“After the launch of La Course by Le Tour last year, this is another welcome step forward for women’s cycling,” said Gaudry. “The UCI is currently working on a project to further develop women’s road cycling over the coming years, and we are very pleased to have the support of different major organizers. As president of the Women’s Commission and also as a former athlete, I appreciate how important this is.”

“The UCI needs more information from the teams,” said UCI Women’s Cycling Coordinator Andrea Marcellini. “We are in the process of forming a Women’s Teams Working Group, made up of riders, team representatives, and a sports economist, which will help us define priorities and establish a timeline for each step of professionalizing the teams.

“The seminar will give us a chance to outline the role of the working group, share what is planned, and receive feedback. It will also be an opportunity for everyone to have their say.”

“We are very glad that UCI has chosen the inaugural Strade Bianche women’s race to hold the first Women Teams’ Seminar, and our will is to give all the support they may need in organizing this event,” RCS Sport’s Mauro Vegni said. “Being held at the beginning of the season, it is a good way to pay specific attention to important matters regarding the whole season.

“That the seminar coincides with International Women’s Day is an added value which we hope will be a communication drive pushing media to speak about women’s cycling.”