Italian Gianni Bugno, winner of the 1990 Giro...

Gianni Bugno reelected as president of the Association of Professional Cyclists

Italian Gianni Bugno, president of the Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA), was unanimously reelected for the next four years at a meeting in Milan

Italian Gianni Bugno, president of the Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA), was unanimously reelected for the next four years at a November 27 meeting in Milan, Italy.

Also reelected were deputy Pascal Chanteur, and general secretary, David Chassot.

At the meeting, Bugno — winner of the 1990 Giro d’Italia and a two-time world road champion — listed the activities of the CPA during his tenure.

The first important achievement, he said, was greater independence of international riders from the UCI, the sport’s international governing body. In the past, Bugno said, the CPA was a body subservient to the will of the highest authority of cycling rather than an autonomous entity and truly representative of the interests of the riders.

“The way to get more attention and respect was tiring, and I cannot say that it is finished,” said Bugno, “but we have made great strides, and now finally our opinion, during meetings where the changes of cycling are being decided, counts more.”

Another major goal and achievement, Bugno said, was to balance the CPA’s budget, in order to give to all retired riders the possibility to fall back on its “solidarity fund.” Bugno pointed to an increase in the pro rider’s minimum wage, as enforced by the UCI, as another achievement. That minimum wage came about as part of a joint agreement with the Association International des Groupes Cyclistes Professionels (AIGCP) and the CPA.

“Finally, our most important work, which will see us quite busy in the coming years was the participation in the work groups of the Reform of 2017,” Bugno said. “Very much of our future work will be based on this issue because first of all we want to ensure that the provided changes won’t mean the loss of jobs for riders. We would expect from the reform a redevelopment of cycling in terms of image and economy; strategies to attract more sponsors and improve the working conditions of all riders, even the least protected at the time. And then, while understanding the logic of globalization of cycling, we would be in favor of enhancing the races that have shaped the history of our sport and which will not have to compete with the new frontiers.”

Among the objectives of the CPA in the coming years is the proposed creation of a service of legal arbitration at the UCI — something that might quickly, and inexpensively, help solve any legal issues riders may encounter.

“We also want to continue with the request of the increase of prize money that has been flat for quite a long time,” Bugno said, “because it is the only way to give some gratification to all riders, and not only to the first ones who score points.”

Finally, Bugno insisted on the importance of the new project of the CPA to have delegates of the association attending every important race, in order to support riders when needed.