Editor’s Note: VeloNews has previously reported on the potential long-term effects of doping.

Athletics Weekly reports that dope cheats could be benefitting performance-wise years after they have returned to sport, research has shown.

Scientists at the University of Oslo purport to have established for the first time that muscles retain the advantages offered by anabolic steroids.

The appearances on the circuit of athletes such as Justin Gatlin, Dwain Chambers, and Tyson Gay who have been convicted of doping but served bans is controversial. The latest research will louden the cries from critics that athletes found to have used performance-enhancing drugs should be banned for life.

Kristen Gunderson, professor of physiology at the University of Oslo, told BBC Sport, “I think it is likely that effects could be lifelong or at least lasting decades in humans.

“Our data indicates the exclusion time of two years is far too short. Even four years is too short.”

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