RockyMounts has a new upright roof rack, BrassKnuckles, that utilizes a unique, user-friendly, and minimalist attachment system.

The Boulder, Colorado company is known for its Guest Bartender events — raging parties that benefit worthy causes. It used one such event, hosting hundreds of Cyclocross Nationals attendees to benefit Valmont Bike Park, to launch BrassKnuckles to the world.

“It looks rad even with no bike on it,” explained RockyMounts founder Bobby Noyes.

Indeed, the rack cuts a much sleeker profile than some of its competitors, like Yakima’s High Roller or Thule’s Sidearm. And, BrassKnuckles has the bright colors you’d expect from the Boulder rack maker.

If the colors aren’t eye-catching, the four finger loops on the wheel arm — the brass knuckles — help the rack stand out. But they do more than look unique. The finger loops make it easy to pull firmly on the hook to ensure security, especially if you don’t have kung fu grip strength.

Beyond aesthetics, BrassKnuckles looks to be a worthy rival in the stand-up category. The small catch for the back of the front wheel is similar the Sidearm’s, but it flips down and out of the way when not in use. This contributes to the rack’s minimalism and aerodynamics.

The pivot for the arm that holds the top of the wheel is housed in a massive aluminum body, which adds to the rack’s smooth, tight action.

As with other upright racks, BrassKnuckles fits a wide variety of wheel sizes, from 20 to 29 inches and widths up to 2.75 inches. The rack’s tray shows RockyMounts’ attention to detail, as there is a built-in groove to provide a secure fit with narrower 700c tires.

The tray can also be mounted to either round or square rooftop crossbars. Plus, DIYers will be able to bolt the rack to vertical surfaces after removing the rooftop fitments. As for a hitch rack option, RockyMounts claims it’s in the works, hopefully available by Interbike 2014.

Expect to see BrassKnuckles at your local shop in April 2014, with an anticipated MSRP of $199.