A problem with TRP Spyre disc brake calipers can...

TRP recalls Spyre mechanical disc brake calipers

About 2,000 calipers are affected in the recall; users can return them for a free exchange

Tektro/TRP has announced a voluntary recall of all TRP Spyre and Spyre SLC mechanical disc brake calipers. The recall affects all brakes, both sold on complete bikes and on the after market, between April and December 6 of this year.

The arm actuating the pistons can over-rotate, which dislocates the balls that move the dual pistons, causing the rider to lose braking power. There has been one reported incident of this happening, but no injuries.

TRP asks that users stop riding the Spyre and Spyre SLC brakes and return to the place of purchase or Tektro/TRP USA for a free exchange.