Final Breck Epic singlespeed diary: Gold dust in my eyes

Racing a singlespeed at Breck Epic is a right of passage.  Don't believe me?  Try it.  I dare you!
Breck Epic stage 6
Tie Friday, Breck Epic Final Stage fun formality. Photo: Sarah Musick
Breck Epic stage 6
Crossing the finish line after a massive week in the saddle. Photo: Sarah Musick
Breck Epic stage 6
Awards to close a fantastic racing and life experience. Photo: Sarah Musick

Sarah Musick will be chronicling her experiences of her first mountain bike stage race at the 2012 Breck Epic. Check back for her updates.

I’m sure I’ve never had a greater feat on my mountain bike than Breck Epic.  You bet I’ll be trying to find one now!  After these six stages I now understand what the pros must feel when they chamois up every day and ride their guts out.  What an amazingly difficult, challenging, rewarding existence.  

Much respect.

What I learned at Breck Epic:

1. Never give up. I am more than the obstacles that lay before me.
2. Supporters are why Santa has elves, Batman has Robin, and I was able to complete this grueling stage race. Thank you Erika, Jack, Clarie, and all my YetiBeti teammates!
3. My fast is someone else’s slow.  My slow is someone else’s fast.  
4. One climb at a time.
5. Today’s recovery is tomorrow’s speed.
6. Never relish someone else’s pain as yours will surely follow.
7. Live with intention.
8. Racing a singlespeed at Breck Epic is a right of passage.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  I dare you!
9. A race is as good as the people who present it.
10. Doing something you think is beyond your reach is what a full life is all about.

Today, I relished the final two climbs and nearly got bucked off in the descents.  My bike was a hungry steed turned toward the barn.  I busted out a tie after spending a week in the office (Breckenridge singletrack) with all the fellas.  Tie Friday was a great way to commemorate this week or racing.    

I recommend this race to anyone looking to take it to the next level on their mountain bike.  It is guaranteed to turn you inside out and then dropkick you over and over.  But at the end of it all you will rejoice in how great your accomplishment is.

Musick started mountain biking in denim shorts one New Mexican summer a decade ago. After three years as the only girl on the college mountain bike team she moved from her home state of Virginia to the Rocky Mountains. Colorado changes people. She was schooled and mentored by top pro riders on Colorado Springs group rides. She became instantly captivated and in 2007 won the Colorado State Series. Currently she rides and races with the YetiBeti Women’s Mountain Bike Team, works at Carmichael Training Systems, and is a part of start-up company Enduro Bites, making her days full of freakin’ fast peps. Musick writes about her struggle with depression and the therapy she finds on the bike. She’s a badass (first year) singlespeeder who’s not taking prisoners in the race of life. Thanks to sponsors Stan’s NoTubes, Yeti Cycles, Ergon, Twin Six, Golden Bike Shop, Noosa, Bulumu, White Girl Salsa, Cooper Door Coffee, Honey Stinger, Optic Nerve