Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical going 11-speed, sources confirm

Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical is going 11-speed, sources confirm.
2011 Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, spec sheet

Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical is going 11-speed, according to a leaked confidential Shimano specification sheet on Japanese bike tech blog The sheet lists an entirely new group, dubbed Shimano Dura-Ace 9000.

The leak appears to add fuel to an earlier report from James Huang at that Shimano’s top electronic group, Dura-Ace Di2, will be going 11-speed this summer. has independently confirmed the veracity of the spec sheet through an industry source who requested anonymity. The items on the list below will be available in late 2012.

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical specification:

  • RD-9000: Rear derailleur, short cage, max 28t cog (August)
  • FD-9000: Front derailleur, double (August)
  • ST-9000: Dual control brake/shift levers, double (August)
  • SL-BSR1: Bar end shifter, front double or triple (August)
  • BR-9000: Dual pivot caliper brake, Super SLR (August)
  • BR-9010: Direct mount type caliper brake, Super SLR (August)
  • SM-CB90: Inline type brake cable adjuster (August)
  • FC-9000: Hollowtech II crankset, available in 53/39, 50/34, 52/36, 52/38, 54/42, 55/42 chainring combinations. (August-January, depending on model)
  • SM-BB9000: Bottom bracket parts
  • SM-BB92-41B: Press-fit type BB, rumored to be BB386 (August)
  • CS-9000: 11-speed cassette, available in 11-25 and 11-28 (August), 11-23 (September), 12-25 and 12-28 (November)
  • HB-9000: Front hub (August)
  • FH-9000: Rear freehub (August)
  • CN-9000: Super narrow HG chain (August)
  • PD-9000: SPD-SL pedal (August)

The mention of a “direct mount caliper brake” is the most confusing to us. We have confirmed the existence of a road-specific mechanical disc brake in Shimano’s 2013 lineup, which should be available about the same time as this group. But “direct mount caliper” is an odd way to say disc brake. It’s possible that this list is referring to some sort of aero-mount brake, or mini-V.

Whether rear hub spacing will have to change with the addition of an extra cog is still unconfirmed. The rumor mill indicates that the freehub will be longer, and that 10 speed cassettes will still be compatible with the new hubs. But the rumor mill is equally adamant that Elvis lives, so you be the judge.

It would make sense for the new hubs to be built with Campagnolo’s current 11-speed spacing, but there is no guarantee that Shimano will do so.

Presumably, the skip from the current 7900 group up to 9000 is to leave room for an upcoming 11-speed Ultegra group.