Velo-gifts for the cyclist on your Cyber Monday shopping list

Caley Fretz suggests 10 gift ideas available online from small businesses we like. All are available online (and you’re allowed to buy them on Tuesday, too).
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Stomach of Anger

In 2011, more people were killed by Black Friday than by sharks in the United States. It’s a menace. But like sharks, Black Friday is a beast we can’t stop on our own. Better to just avoid it entirely.

Luckily for those of us who value our lives, we have Shop Local Saturday (also called Small Business Saturday) and Cyber Monday, both of which offer much more sane, enjoyable shopping experiences.

Today, we’re combining the two. Below are 10 online gift ideas from small businesses we like. All are available online (and you’re allowed to buy them on Tuesday, too).

Stomach of Anger clothing $12+

Inspired by Andy Schleck’s famous “my stomach is full of anger” quote from the 2010 Tour de France, these witty, quirky, well-designed shirts will make any cyclist smile. They have a Cyber Monday sale going on right now, until midnight Eastern time. Our favorites are the Suitcase of Courage shirt, and the original Stomach of Anger shirt.

Bicycle Friendly Stickers — $1

Nick Legan wrote about these two weeks ago, and we’re still infatuated with the idea. Buy a sticker and stick it somewhere on your property to let other cyclists know that they’ve found a friendly spot.

Handlebar Mustache clothing — $26

More great casual, cycling-inspired clothing. Even better, Handlebar Mustache donates a portion (usually $1) of each sale to a specific charity, which varies depending on the item bought. We like the Hurt Locker t-shirt, which donates $1 to Ride for Reading.

Joshua Tree Cycling Salve — $15

2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Joshua Tree

Got sores? Well we’re sorry if you do, and this salve by Joshua Tree Skin Care should help. The company was established just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, and though it has since moved to southeast Michigan, the company is still small and full of climbers, skiers, and cyclists.

Bar Mitts — $65

We included these in a “winterize your ride” feature in Velo for a reason: they’re awesome. Your hands never get cold, even with thin gloves and temperatures well below freezing, and you can still brake and shift with ease. Owners Ward and Patti are based out of Carson City, Nevada, and would love to help keep your hands warm.

Northwest Knee Warmers — $19

Pick mild, medium, or maximum warmth and head out for a day in the cold. Northwest Knee Warmers is a tribute to the old slang term for embrocation, and was created by a naturopathic physician to be both warming and nourishing for the skin. The product is created in small batches from carefully chosen ingredients in Oregon.

Secret Drink Mix — $19.50/1 pound

2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Fu Dog glassware

The brainchild of pro-cycling mad scientist extraordinaire Allen Lim, Secret Drink Mix was first designed for athletes in the Tour de France and Olympics, and was never intended to be sold. Now you can get in on the secret. No synthetic crap, only real food in a combination based on real science. And it’s tasty.

Clean Bottle — $10

It seems like such a simple idea, we wonder why it hasn’t become popular before now. Allowing the bottle to open up at both ends makes it so much easier to clean. No more mold fouling up your water. It works well for its intended purpose, too, with a nice soft squeezable mid-section and leak-free nozzle. Both ends screw on tightly and are well sealed — we filled one up and stood on it and not a single drop escaped. Creator Dave is still the man behind the wheel, and 10 percent of profits go to eco and cycling charities.

Fu Dog “On the Wheel” glassware — $40/set of 4

We¹re not all T-shirts and drink mixes around here — there¹s a hint of class if you dig really deep. Or maybe we just love the vino. Whatever it is, we love this fine handmade glassware by Colorado artist (and cyclist) Amanda Acheson. Pilsner beer glasses or wine goblets are both available to suit your imbibing style.

Cycling prints from Jered Gruber — $36+

A collection of some of the finest images in cycling, from a photographer who has only recently realized his enormous talent. You may recognize one of his best from the official 2012 Giro d’Italia poster. Gruber’s incredible images from the spring classics are not to be missed.

2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Bar Mitts
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Clean Bottle
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Fu Dog glassware
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Wheels
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Handlebar Mustache shirt
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Joshua Tree
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Northwest Knee Warmers
2011 Cyber Monday gifts, Stomach of Anger