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Madison Hosts Open Event to Discuss a Wisconsin Mountain Bike League

Madison residents are invited to join NICA directors to learn about how to increase youth participation in the sport
Wisconsin High School Cycling League

In an effort to involve more youth in mountain biking, Madison, Wisconsin, is hosting National Interscholastic Cycling Association directors to help the city develop new high school mountain biking programs.

This educational event is open to the public and will offer suggestions to increase the number of Madison high school students involved in the sport. It will take place at the Madison Concourse Hotel, 1 West Dayton Street, Madison on Wednesday, November 16, from 7:00–9:00 in the evening.

Executive director Matt Fritzinger and development director Ben Capron will discuss programs such as the NICA Indie Club Program that allows independent high school mountain bike clubs to join NICA and benefit from their insurance and support without participating in a formal league.

Wisconsin cycling league

Discussion of forming a Wisconsin league will also be on the table at the event. Minnesota recently formed one in which Wisconsin clubs could participate until Wisconsin joins its own league.

The non-profit organization funds the leagues directly without funding from schools or taxes.

The greater vision that Wisconsin’s mountain bike program fits into is establishing mountain biking officially as a high school sport around the country by 2020.

NICA founder, Matt Fritzinger said, “A lot of outstanding mountain biking development work has already been done in Wisconsin. We are hoping to put the high school piece into this puzzle, and are looking for a range of people who will create new high school cycling leagues.”