Bert Grabsch and František Rabon will follow HTC-Highroad teammate Tony Martin to Quick Step for the 2012 season.

Rabon, 28, and Grabsch, 36, will join the Belgian team for two years.

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<div><strong>Related</strong>: <a href=””>All transfer news</a></div>

“František and Bert are two excellent team players, athletes with great intellect who can win and carry their team mates into position to vie for victory,” said Quick Step manager Patrick Lefevere. “Both are fantastic crono-men and great pace setters who can carry out quality and quantity work at the front of the group.”

There is still no official word on a possible move by Levi Leipheimer from RadioShack to Quick Step. With the merger of RadioShack and Leopard-Trek set for next season, Leipheimer would likely be interested in maintaining his leadership role at a new team.