2004 Tour of Belgium, stage 3: Max Van Heeswijk podium
Van Heeswijk celebrates a stage win at the 2004 Tour of Belgium. AFP file photo

The Dutch sports magazine NUsport is reporting Tuesday that former U.S. Postal Service rider Max Van Heeswijk detailed doping at the team in a June interview, then changed his mind and stole the interviewer’s tape. The full story appears in the August edition of NUsport, which hit newstands Tuesday.

According to NUsport, Van Heeswijk met with contributor Nando Boers on June 17 to discuss his time with the squad of Lance Armstrong. The Dutchman was a member of the U.S. Postal Service and Discovery Channel teams between 2002 and 2006. According to the story, in an hour-long interview Van Heeswijk talked openly about “the team, the individuals Armstrong and (Floyd) Landis,” as well as “doping in the peloton and the team.”

In a bizarre turn, NUsport claims that Van Heeswijk confessed to using EPO at Postal, but asked that the information regarding drug use be left out of any published material. When Boers refused, Van Heeswijk allegedly took his recorder, removed the tape and threw the device in the garbage before demanding that Boers and a photographer leave his home. The magazine claims that the photographer has corroborated the story.

According to the report, NUSport staff attempted multiple times over the intervening weeks to reach Van Heeswijk via telephone and SMS message, but received no reply until the day before the publication’s production deadline.

“One day before deadline, there was a sudden reaction,” reads the story. “Van Heeswijk returned on his steps, he wanted to reverse what he said. We replied: ‘What’s said is said; what’s done is done. We will not pretend this is not said.’”

The full article is available in the August edition of NUsport.